Although hardwood floors are a stunning American flooring staple, they are not the best option for every area of your Stamford home. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Greenwich want you to know more about wood-look tile. If you love the hardwood floor aesthetic but want a water-resistant, durable alternative, then consider installing wood-look tile in your home.wood look tile greenwich stamford

Benefits of Wood-Look Tile


Wood-look tiles are so much more than brown, rectangular planks. Advanced printing technology means that you can have a tile that accurately mimics any hardwood flooring style. We can help you narrow down your options, picking the perfect design for your home.


One of the key reasons why many homeowners decide to install wood-look tile in their home instead of hardwood, is because of its water-resistant nature. Unlike traditional hardwood floors, wood-look tile works well in moisture-prone areas of your Stamford home. From bathrooms to kitchens, it stands up well against splashes and spills.


Made from ceramic or porcelain tile, wood-look tiles are a durable, low-maintenance flooring option. With regular sweeping, your floors will look beautiful for years – even in areas of your home with heavy foot-traffic. If you have an active household, wood-look tile can stand up to the challenge.

wood look tile greenwich stamfordConsiderations of Wood-Look Tile


Compared to other wood-look alternatives, like luxury vinyl planks and laminate, wood-look tile is not the most affordable flooring style. If you are on a tight budget, then wood-look tile may not be the best option for your home. However, if you can afford to invest in a floor, then wood-look tile is a great option. Its durable and long lasting nature will translate to a high return on investment.


Especially in the winter, wood-look tile will be cold to the touch. If you are worried about the temperature of your new floor, our experts have a few solutions. An area rug is a simple way to add insulation. We can also install radiant heating under your new floors, making your wood-look tile incredibly comfortable to stand on during chilly mornings.

Start in Stamford Today!

Do you think that wood-look tile might be the right option for your home? Or do you want to learn more about hardwood alternatives? Either way, our experts can help. Schedule a free, in-home design consultation today. We proudly serve the greater Stamford, Greenwich, Darien area.

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