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Homeowners in the Stamford, Greenwich, Darien area choose oak hardwoods for their homes far more than any other wood species. Native to North America, red and white oak floorings are prized for their high quality, durability, and elegance. Since we’ve seen more Stamford customers familiar with the more common red oak, we want to explain the reasons why white oak should not be overlooked.

What is the Difference Between Red and White Oak?

One might think that the greatest difference between red and white oak is the color, when in reality there are many things that make them different, and the color is one of the least obvious. White oak, contrary to assumption, actually tends to be slightly darker than the lighter red oak, which also features slight pinkish tones. White oak also tends to have a more muted grain, which allows for a more uniform finish that creates a smoother look. In terms of durability, white oak has a higher score than red oak on the Janka hardness scale, which means it is a slightly stronger wood.

Why Should I Choose White Oak for My Home?

White oak is typically more versatile due to the light grain pattern and natural color, which means it can be left without a stain without infusing unwanted pinkish hues into your décor. It is helpful to think of white oak as a blank slate of sorts, upon which any stain or finish can be applied with the understanding that the wood will look exactly the way you want it to. It’s important to know that white oak is slightly less absorbent of wood stains than red oak, because it is a denser and less porous wood. Fortunately, the experts at Floor Coverings International Greenwich understand exactly what kind and how much stain to use on white oak to get the color you are looking for.

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