It’s the little things that matter most and the detail in a good kitchen backsplash can completely transform your space. With so many backsplash options, it can be hard to know where to start. Floor Coverings International® of Stamford wants you to have the right kitchen backsplash for your New Canaan home. To help you navigate the world of tile backsplashes, we’ve broken down our top picks.

Subway Tile

A popular choice, subway tile’s classic look blends in flawlessly with any décor style. A glossy crackle finish tile can give your kitchen the look of traditional New York subway tiles. A matte finish will give your kitchen a modern twist. Floor Coverings International® of Stamford can help you personalize subway tile to your kitchen’s design, making your home more than just another home with subway tile.

subway tile backsplash new canaan

Checkered Tile

A bolder classic, a black and white checkered tile backsplash can give your kitchen the feel of a charming 1950’s diner. Love the feel of a diner, but checkered tile flooring is too much of a statement? A backsplash is the way to go. We love the character that checkered backsplash will bring New Canaan home.

checkered tile backsplash new canaan

Mosaic Tile

Since early Mesopotamia, mosaics have been a beautiful part of the world’s art and culture. Mosaic tile backsplashes are beautifully unique, differentiating your home from others. A kitchen backsplash is the perfect spot in your home to highlight a mosaic, as there is little chance for the design to get damaged.

mosaic tile backsplash new canaan

Glass Tile

If you’re looking for a trendy backsplash option, consider a glass tile backsplash. Becoming increasingly popular in recent years, glass tile adds depth and dimension to your kitchen. The glass tile can reflect light, making your home feel brighter even in the dead of a Connecticut winter. To outlast current glass trends, we recommend focusing on a neutral glass color that can adapt to your future décor style.

glass tile backsplash new canaan

Travertine Tile

With a soft tan color, the slightly textured surface of travertine tile would give your kitchen an Old World feel. Travertine tile has an understated sophistication. If you’re looking for a humble but elegant kitchen, travertine tile is the way to go. Even if your New Canaan home is a traditional colonial style, our experts can blend travertine into your home’s aesthetic.

travertine tile backsplash new canaan

Marble Tile

While many New Canaan homes have marble countertops, at Floor Coverings International® of Stamford we love a twist on the classic: marble tile backsplash. A marble backsplash will give your kitchen a delicate beauty and the light gray grain in a white marble tile adds a layer of depth to your backsplash. The everyday luxury of a marble backsplash is just what your New Canaan home needs.

marble tile backsplash new canaan

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